M3BEEZ (Alsadiq, Mervic)


M3BEEZ (Alsadiq, Mervic)


M3BEEZ (Alsadiq, Mervic) ARE nigerian cyprus based Afro,hop, R.nB AND Pop singers/artiste under M3B LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT that the control and manage the affair of the entertainment body. Alsadiq and Mervic met in 2005 methodish high school Jos where they finished. As at then music was not the thing, they were just classmates with different ideas because Mervic seem to be someone that has no interest in music while Alsadiq was always the one banging and hitting the desk in class everyday writing and miming songs of artiste.


Mid 2005 june/july they became closefriends and that’s where the dream of music started. writing songs, making beats, organizing lit activities for students. Till date M3beez still doing their thing together, won awards in Cyprus for BEST ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, BEST ENTERTAINMENT PROMOTERS, BEST DANCEGROUP and more to come..