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Midas King

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Midas King is a hip-hop artist, He is currently the C.E.O. of Midas King Music, an African-American who recently released his debut album (The World) on social media, online music digital stores ( ITunes, Amazon and so on). Midas King is becoming a household name in the Americas and worldwide as of 2014.
Midas King began his career as a young ambitious school boy who has a clear vision about Music as a career, he was once a backup singer, a member of a defunct music Band formed by him and some other of his High school classmates. After graduating from the High School, all the Band members were separated because they were all posted to different colleges/universities Due to his love for Gold and Music, he adopted the stage name, ‘MIDAS KING as a solo artist to continue pursuing his Music career.


He was born in San Antonio, Texas. Due to his Father’s job that requires frequent travelling, Midas King lived most of his life in different part of the globe, Asia, Europe and Africa. He regard himself as a Citizen of the world because he has traveled to numerous countries and this gives him the feeling that the whole world is a single country . In his words, “The world is a single country separated with religions, borders, Cultural and political ideologies…An Arab should see Latin, Africans, Americans, Asians, Oceanians as Brothers and Sisters” .

Midas King is known for his R&B-style vocals with some blends of Hip Hop, which are featured in his upcoming hit songs . His songs are already playing on some Radio stations, night clubs and Bars worldwide. Stay tuned for more info about Midas king.

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