00 Loading… This photo of a couple kissing got people talking The man and his wife were spotted kissing at a public event.

Renowned photographer hilariously puts wedding guest on blast (photo)

00   How many of you attend weddings, public events and hang your legs up like this? This young man was caught on camera and put on blast by wedding photographer Maigaskiya who promised to reveal his face the next time he tries it again. Well done bros! You try[…]

#DeadPose now trending in South Africa (Graphic Pictures)

00 It first started on Facebook and has gradually moved to Twitter. Social media users are encouraged to pose like dead people and upload the photos online. If you can stomach the horror, continue after to see pics from the challenge. They are very graphic so viewer’s discretion is advised.[…]

Photo of the day!

00 Workers inflate a giant chicken resembling Donald Trump and place it in front of a factory in Jiaxing, China. Photo Credit: Johannes Eisele