What A Father Told His Daughter A Day Before Her Wedding

00 Loading… My Daughter, tomorrow you will stop bearing my name. You will be happily married to the man you love. Don’t miss me because I have fulfilled my purpose, it is now time for you to start fulfilling yours. From your childhood, I have raised you well by the[…]


00 Loading… Interestingly, speaking from experience many men prefer slim and fit girls over the big and curvy girls, I would like to state that men who prefer the smaller bodied women may have a change of mind after trying one of those curvy, big-bold-and-beautiful women! With their soft, smooth and supple[…]

7 Things to let you know Sh’e Want Se’x

00 Take away the spontaneous se’x that happens once in a while and are mostly far between, women tend to have a lot of pre-se’x rituals they undergo to prime their minds and bodies up for lovemaking. The spontaneity that comes with ripping off her clothes with passion and zeal[…]

Iyanya on DZRPT Breakfast Club : The Man with the Mobile Waist

00 The man with the mobile waist Iyanya tells it all on this episode of DZRPT Breakfast Club. The “Oreo” singer reveals details about his latest album “Applaudise”, shares his work out routine for the ladies and answers questions about his relationship with Freda Francis. WATCH this and see a[…]

H0w to Impr0ve Your Perf0rmance In B*d

00 Pay attention to non-obvious er0gen*us zones A lot of us pay attention only to the obvious spots like the br**sts, clitoris and G*sp0t on a woman’s body when trying to give her s*xual pleasure due to the errone0us belief that it will set her mood right. Women however don’t want us[…]

LifeofCelebrities: Toyin Aimakhu Again Oooo

00 As we all known that Toyin & Niyi Johnson fans are so much concerned about their marriage more than the partner. Read the conversation between toyin and one of her fans. We all know Toyin with her uncare altitude in movies, all for the sake of acting and to[…]

10 Sp*rm-Killing Male Habits & Factors

00 More and more men are finding it hard to produce these days. However, several surprising factors and habits—from the activities you do to the products you use and the foods you eat—can kill or reduce your sperm production. It is not that they are not sweating enough, or that they[…]