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Comedy : The Soup

00 Very Very Very Funny Video !!! Your Head Must be upside down by the time you are watching this video.. Download The Soup

Comedy: Brave or Not ?

+10 Brave or Not ? For No Reason, Don’t Ever Try This.. Comedy Video Download Brave or Not

Comedy: Shit Do Happen… Lol

00 When your baby is full of surprises.. Very funny Video.. Enjoy Comedy Video Download Shit Do Happen

Comedy: Real Face

00 African Kids  🙂  I swear this is the Funniest Video of the Year.. How Many Views can we get for this… 10M  🙂  Tolo-Tolo : Turkey     Download Real Face

Comedy: Naughty Lad Massage

+70 Rolling on The Floor : What happen in this Video will Shock You.More than Massage !!! Watch, Enjoy & Share !!! Download Naughty  Lad Massage

Comedy: 18 + Lol Extremely Hot

+10-2 Don’t watch this if you are under 18, This video is extremely hot. I mean Extremely Hot Funny Video.. Download Extremely Hot Video

Comedy: I Hate When this Happen

+10 I hate When this Happen.. lol !!! Hate What ? Watch & Find out what happen in this Very Funny Video   Download I Hate When This Happen

Comedy: Sex Race – Who is Faster

+10 This is the most funniest Race of all time, do you like and wanna participate in this kind of race. Sex Race lol   Download Sex Race

Comedy: Money & Girls

00 Money & Girls…. Oooops Very Funny Video… If you don’t understand the language, pay attention to subtitle and watch till end. Download Money & Girls


00 Came across this on Youtube and decided to share, kindly watch and have your say. The dramatic displacement reaction that happened between mc xclusive, rehana and living waters. Sincerely speaking. If you were in that condition, what would you do?